It was in the year of nineteen eight four
That the 3 musketeers came to the fore
to proclaim a stand for private practice with the law
but through it I lost my appointment at Royal North Shore
The course of these warriors brave to take on Neville and his band
Reverberated through the Parliament and over the land
We sat in the gallery to see the debate at first hand
As Politicians from both sides too their view to the stand.
To voice the might of Bruce lead the almighty charge
Supported by John the Warrior large
And Stephen prepared these documents for the entourage
To ensure the word was delivered without charge


We have lost of two our Musketeers who have won a Privilege of professional freedom second to none.
A battle well fought at times on the run
But now we are left with Steve, the very last one
Can we continue on the professional fight
To treat our patients fairly without Government fright
To ensure the future, for surgeons to shine the light
So that we as a group can do it right
My friends who knew John so well
As well as colleagues who which will dwell
Our heartfelt thanks for his tasks done so swell
Who fought like hell until he heard the final bell


As his passing has left us without the goal keeper in the team
May others step up to match with full steam
Like water polo men, and women, of high esteem
Let us remember John, as the one who swam continually upstream
His leadership will be sorely missed
He forged a path that many were promised
To make this better for colleagues was not remissed
It is him. who fought, so, our cause was not dismissed.

Drew Dixon