A faster and safe return to joint replacement surgery in private hospitals is possible, if a plan developed by senior members of the Australian Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons is adopted.

ASOS supports the NSW Government’s move to open up NSW and there is no reason to delay a full return to elective surgery, whilst maintaining vigilance and flexibility to meet changing circumstances.

“The sooner we return our public and private hospital system to normal operating capacity, the better it will be for the growing number of patients who are having their treatment needlessly disrupted”

National Chairman of ASOS, Dr Simon Coffey

ASOS plan includes:
1- Agreement on a better classification system for prioritising reconstructive and orthopaedic surgery replacing the Category 1, 2 and 3 system that was designed to broadly manage public hospital waiting list but omits many important clinical factors.
2- Adopting a calibrated return to full surgical capacity that can be adjusted according to circumstances.
3- Allowing surgeons to prioritise their patients based on clinical and professional knowledge.
4- Reducing reliance on private facilities for public patients by increasing public hospital capacity and productivity.
5- Ensuring decisions regarding restrictions on elective surgery are subject to consultation with a combined procedural specialist working group that represents all specialities across the public and private hospital sector.

ASOS is committed to full cooperation with public and private hospital administrators in accordance with its desire to ensure that NSW maintains the highest possible standards of orthopaedic surgery and that patients requiring surgery are not placed on unnecessary waiting lists.

Dr Simon Coffey
Chairman ASOS

Dr Ali Gursel
NSW Chairman ASOS

Mr Stephen Milgate AM